Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reliance Life Insurance Scandal

Details of the fraudulent activities done by Mr. Rahul Jain and Mr. Gaurav Chauhan with me regarding Reliance Life Insurance Guaranteed Money Back Plan.
  • On 22.06.2013, I received a call from Mr. Rahul Jain (Mobile No.8459430046) regarding Reliance Life Insurance Policy.  He also sent me an electronic mail from on my electronic mail address with which he attached the scanned copies of the Reliance Life Insurance Guaranteed Money Back Plan form and  asked me to send
    • ID Proof,
    • Address Proof,
    • 2 Photo,
    • a cheque in favour to Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd and a
o    cancelled cheque for E.C.S.
and courier these documents along with the filled in form to Reliance Login Department U-203, 3rd Floor, Vikas marg, Shakarpur, Delhi -92
·         On 25.06.2013 he sent another electronic mail stating additional Benefit on directly dealing with the company 20% commission every year and 0.5gm Gold Coin.
  • I therefore, accordingly sent him
o    photocopies of all the required documents
§  Aadhar Card (No.349534854515)
§  PAN Card (No. AAYPG3266C)
o    Cheque No.285966 (State Bank Of India Account No.32557054331) Dt. 24.06.2013 in favour of RELIANCE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED for Rs.30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand Only)
o    Cancelled Cheque No. 285963 (State Bank Of India Account No.32557054331) for ECS purpose.
o    Two photographs
o    Completely filled in form No.D6471599 of Reliance Life Insurance Guaranteed Money Back Plan.
  • On 09.07.2013, Mr. Rahul Jain sent me an electronic mail with which he attached a receipt No.WC0019988473 DT.28.06.2013 of Rs.30,000/- premium paid towards the reliance life insurance policy. 
  • In the next week I received a booklet by speed post scanned copies of the documents I submitted and filled in form.  However, the filled in form which I submitted and the scanned copies of which I received were different.  The form I submitted was having No.D6471599 and the scanned copies I received were having No.D5694601.  On this form my mobile number was also wrongly written as 08506958767 instead of 9552077615, which is the correct one.
  • I immediately called Mr. Rahul Jain, and informed him about this difference.  He replied that as the form I sent was not clearly visible so he filled another form with different mobile number which he claimed was a mistake.  He also stated that these documents are temporary and I shall get Permanent Stamped documents within a few days.
  • However, I did not get any stamped permanent documents.   Therefore, I continuously reminded Mr. Rahul Jain by electronic mail about this on 28.07.2013, 09.09.2013 and 16.09.2013.  I also tried to contact him on his mobile phone. However, I did not get any response from him.
  • Therefore, I had written an electronic mail to and stated all the facts in it on 24.09.2013.  I also asked them for additional Benefit on directly dealing with the company 20% commission every year and 0.5gm Gold Coin committed by Mr. Rahul Jain.
  • Then on 25.09.2013, I got the reply from them as given below: 
    “We would like to inform you that we have multiple sales partners, and their offices are spread across various parts of the country. We are currently having it investigated and would initiate appropriate action. Please be ensured that such an instance will not be repeated in future. There are no such schemes from Reliance Life Insurance Company Ltd as quoted by the said agent. Hence, we kindly request you to ignore such fake calls and commitments.”
  • I also called Customer-care centre on toll free number - 1800-3000-8181 for further clarification.  They told me the documents which I received are the permanent documents only and no further stamped documents will be sent to me again.
  • Reliance Life Insurance Customer Care also assured me that except the lack of additional benefits committed by Rahul Jain, the policy sent to me is OK in all other aspects and I shall be benefited by all other things mentioned in the policy and therefore, I do not have to worry about my future benefits regarding this policy.  I was satisfied with their explanation and closed the subject at that time.
  • On 09.06.2014, I received a call from (011) 65498378, asking me whether I had any bad experience earlier regarding the Reliance Life Insurance Policy.  The caller said his name as Gaurav Chauhan and he further said that he was calling from Customer Relationship Department.  He said that the amount I had given to Mr. Rahul Jain was not credited to Reliance Life Insurance by him.  Instead Mr. Rahul Jain invested the full amount in the Mutual Funds.  Now the mutual fund is matured and the amount was claimed by Mr. Rahul Jain stating that the client (that means me – CHETAN SUBHASH GUGALE) is not interested in the amount.  He also told me that he will call again after some time.
  • Thereafter, Mr. Gaurav again called me. Now this time as I was alert, I started recording the conversation.  He told me that whether I am really interested or not in the matured amount of Rs.2,62,400/- (Rupees Two Lac Sixty Two Thousand Four Hundred Only).  If I was interested, I had to pay the ten percent of this amount i.e. Rs.26,240/- (Rupees Twenty Six Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Only) to him.  For this I had to write a cheque of this much amount in favour of ARCADE ENSURE and it is to be sent to Mr. Gaurav Chauhan, ARCADE ENSURE, Office No.166, First Floor, Wadhawa Complex, Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Gate No.I, New Delhi 110092.
  • He also told to send the following items along with the cheque.
    • Photocopies of First and Last Page of the Reliance Life Insurance Policy.
    • Photocopies of  Address Proof (Voter Id / Driving Licence)
    • 2 Passport size Photographs.
    • Handwritten application with signature requesting the maturity amount of the mutual fund to Customer Relationship Manager.
  • He wanted everything mentioned above immediately and asked me to send this by courier and intimate him the courier consignment number by 14:00 Hrs. on 09.06.2014.
  • I said that I was unable to do all these things so fast as I was busy with other tasks.
  • Then he called me again and again on 09.06.2014 from (011) 65498378, (011) 65495507 and 07838549577.  During his total 16 conversations, every time he made slight changes in the plan and finally he told me to send a scanned copy of hand written and signed application for demanding the money along with Voter Id and PAN Card  on the electronic mail address and deposit the ten percent amount i.e. Rs.26,240/- (Rupees Twenty Six Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Only) in the Punjab national Bank account number 0635000103047320 of Mr. Umesh Sharma on or before 11:00 hrs. on 10.06.2014.  This account number and electronic mail address he informed me via SMS from mobile number 07838549577.  All his conversations (except the very first one) were recorded by me on my mobile phone.  He further assured me that as and when I credit Rs.26,240/- to said account I shall immediately get the maturity amount of the mutual funds.  The moneys is ready with him in the form of the following three cheques of Cosmos Co. Op. Bank Ltd. :-
    • Cheque No.000006 for Rs.2,00,000/-
    • Cheque No.000009 for Rs.62,400/-
    • Cheque No.000009 for Rs.90,000/-
It is clearly seen that this is a serious type of financial cheating done by so called Mr. Gaurav Chauhan.  He is just trying to get Rs.26,240/- (Rupees Twenty Six Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Only) from me and obviously he will never going to pay me any amount of matured mutual funds sum as he has committed. 
The main points in this case are to be noted as given below:
·        On 22.06.2013, when Mr. Rahul Jain called me he was from New Delhi and asked all the documents and cheque at New Delhi 110092.  Now Mr. Gaurav Chauhan also from New Delhi and he is also asking the documents and cheque at New Delhi 110092. 
·        In the case of Mr. Rahul Jain, Reliance Customer Care refused to take any responsibility of cheating done by him.  However, the mobile phone number 8459430046 used by Mr. Rahul Jain when checked with true-caller website found in the name of Reliance Insurance.
·        The cheating done by Mr. Rahul Jain with me regarding Reliance Life Insurance was known to me, Mr. Rahul Jain and Reliance Life Insurance Customer Care only.  Nobody out of this circle was known about this.
·        The Mobile Phone Number 07838549577 used by Mr. Gaurav Chauhan when checked with true-caller website found in the name of Plumber Umesh Shriram.
This must be a big racket of fraudulent people and may involve one or more employees from Reliance Life Insurance.  It needs to be investigated from the root and all these cheaters should be punished legally.
P.S.: I have all the written (Snap Shots of Electronic Mails and scanned documents) and recorded (sound files of recorded telephonic conversations) proofs which are strong enough to prove the fraud.   

All these evidences can be found here on internet through the link given below :-
Plot # 86, Sector # 25, Nigdi,
Pimpri-Chinchwad New Town,
PUNE – 411044
(M) 9552077615


  1. very sad, that you was trapped by Delhi guys... what is next thing? have you complained to Police in agaist those two ppl or Reliance insurance company?

  2. Dear Mr. Gugale, Thank you for highlighting your concerns to us. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you by this Spurious phone call. Write to us with your contact details at to help us trace the origin this call. We will gladly assist you with initiating strong action against these miscreants.

    Reliance Life Insurance